Fiery Peformance

Arsenal lit up their match against Newcastle. What was thought to be a difficult game for the Gunners turned into a 4-1 battering for Newcastle.

Giroud gave Arsenal the lead in the 15th minute of the match. This was the only goal in the first half. The flames were being preserved for an unforgettable finale!


Cazorla doubled the Gunners’ lead in the 54th minute. Just four minutes later, a goal was added to the scoreline as Giroud scored another goal to make it three!

It was almost becoming a bit embarassing for the Magpies. Luckily enough, Perez managed to get one back in the 63rd minute.

Despite Newcastle’s efforts, the Gunners were just too bright and too bold for them. In the 88th minute, Cazorla converted a penalty to give his team their fourth!


Arsenal have beaten Newcastle 4-1. It was just a few days ago that they defeated Galatasaray 4-1…Wow. Arsene Wenger has the fans back on his side. They were  even chanting his name. Will the drive of the fans ignite a passion in the Gunners?