Chelsea Chomped

Chelsea faced Newcastle without luck on their side. Chances after chances after chances. Yet none of them provided a win.

The Magpies were at risk in the first half as Rob Elliot, their goalkeeper, faced an injury. They managed to hold on till the half time whistle and showed a new side in the second half.

Cissé opened up the scoreline with his goal in the 57th minute. He then doubled the lead for Newcastle in the 78th!


Newcastle faced another threat as Steve Taylor received a second yellow card to see him off the pitch! From there, Drogba scored a goal in the 83rd minute to savage some pride.

From then the Blues pushed and pushed for an equaliser…all attempts were unsuccessful.

Chelsea’s record is over. Newcastle were the ones to end it. With a slit in Chelsea’s invisibility shield, have they potentially left a gap for other teams to rise?