Blues Blemish

You would have thought that a match between Chelsea and Tottenham would have been a full on battle. Somehow Tottenham have been belittled this season and they can’t seem to bring any sort of derby essence into a match.

Tottenham started the game well, however it appears as if they didn’t take enough caution! Hazard opened up the scoreline in the 19th minute. Before Spurs could even digest the situation, Drogba doubled the lead for the Blues just three minutes later!


The Chelsea legend was substituted for Remy later in the match. The substitute even managed to make it three as he netted a goal in the 73rd minute.


There’s something about Stamford Bridge that scares Tottenham as they haven’t won there in 23 Premier League games! On the other side of the coin, Mourinho’s team just can’t stop winning. Who will finally bring them to their knees?