Livid Liverpool

A weak Liverpool was crippled in their match against Crystal Palace. They began with an astonishing start, however it looks as if that may have just been a bit of early luck.

Lambert gave Liverpool the lead in only the second minute! This should have destabalised the opposition, but I guess that just wasn’t the case. Lambert’s effort was the only shot on target Liverpool had in the entire match and Gayle equalised for Palace in the 17th minute! After some time had elapsed, Ledley gave Crystal Palace the lead in the 78th minute. It’s of course shameful to think Liverpool could actually give them the lead. However, what was more shameful was the fact that they let another goal into their net in the 81st minute. 3-1. Perhaps not the result they wanted to see.

Liverpool have slipped down to the bottom half of the table. The question now is how long will it be until they manage crawl back up?