City Cry

Manchester United faced Queens Park Rangers in terrible conditions. Perhaps the rain was representative of how Manchester City were feeling during and after the match.

Austin scored in the 21st minute, which made up for the goal he scored which was ruled out. QPR were in the lead… Now there’s a surprise!

The next goal was scored by Aguero, who equalised for Man City in the 32nd minute. A sigh of relief swept across the club, but only momentarily. Demichelis scored an own goal in the 76th minute to give QPR the lead once more. Smart move.


Luckily enough, Aguero managed to work his magic once again to give his team a point to go home with. What would they do without him?

Manchester City seem a bit groggy and don’t seem to be waking up to the reality that they need more points to reach top spot. When will Man City clean up their act in order to fulfil their title hopes?