City Crashes

Manchester City versed CSKA in a game named ‘Tragedy’. Man City are at the bottom of their group and here’s the reason why…

It was clear that CSKA had come to the Etihad with a mission because Doumbia gave them the lead in the second minute of the match! This somehow did not overthrow Manchester City as Yaya Touré scored the equaliser six minutes later. Quick save. Impressive. Well, that was until Doumbia decided to score once more in the 34th minute.

Their suffering didn’t just end at the loss of points. Fernandinho and Yaya Toure later received red cards and will be unable to play against Bayern Munich. What a night of disappointment!


City’s chances of qualifying for the next stage are slim. Very slim. It’s doable, of course. But do they have the mentality to be successful in doing so?