What Happened

Arsenal faced Anderlecht in a game which could have seen them through to the last 16. They were cruising, they were grooving and suddenly…they weren’t moving.

Arteta opened up the scoreline by converting a penalty for the Gunners in the 25th minute. This was followed by Sánchez’s goal just four minutes later! Oh, but Gunner glory didn’t stop there. Oxlade-Chamberlain then made it three in the 58th minute. They had the win in the bag. Perhaps they forgot to zip the bag.

Vanden Borre introduced the first goal for Anderlecht in the 61st minute. He then later covered a penalty to double it. Success was slipping away from Arsenal and, in the last minute, Mitrovic made sure they lost it completely…


From Gunner Glory to Gunner Gloom, Arsenal have given themselves a tougher battle to fight. If they can’t beat Anderlecht, will it be grand Galatasaray that they will?