City Clash With United

Manchester City versed Manchester United in a thrilling Derby match! There was power, there was domination, there was parcial referees and everything in between.

Manchester United started off well…well, that was until the sending off of Smalling in the 39th minute. City also should have been given two penalties but that somehow was not followed through. Hmmm…

It was a good thing that Agüero went on to give Manchester City the lead in the 63rd minute! A goal was in the bag. Next up…maintaining it.


City faced a threat to their lead by a worried United as they tried to break through City’s defence. As if the previous misfortune wasn’t enough for United to handle, Marcos Rojo was then later taken off the pitch with shoulder damage. Ouch.

Manchester United were unable to recover from their downfall and City took all three points home with them. Yaya Toure and Sergio Agüero put pace into the game; Di Maria and Co. failed to put colour into the game and the captain, Rooney, well his return was not noticed. Perhaps the end result was set in stone.

Agüero has now scored 11 goals in 12 matches ( much more than what can be said of the United strikers). City are moving up, determined to find themselves at the top. However, with United just managing to stay within the top half of the table, their players, skill and ability have been put into question.