Red Flames Burn Burnley

Burnley had to face a grilling Arsenal whose admirable players were returning from abscence. The Gunners are back in full swing and no team can stand in their way.


The first goal was put in by Sánchez in the 70th minute. It may have been late but that’s just how Arsenal seem to be. Chambers then doubled the Gunners’ lead just two minutes later. I guess not all Arsenal players like to wait. The Arsenal side were impressive today, with a humongous 32 shots at goal and 13 of which were on target! My, my! Sánchez even scored once more in the 90th minute to add oil to the fire. Sizzling, sizzling victory.

Wenger is a man with a wealthy past, a man with experience, a man gifted with words and the knowledge of numerous languages. Now what we expect to see is this amazement and ‘WOW’ factor in every Red match!