Chelsea faced Shrewsbury in the race for the Capital One cup. You would have thought they’d be tired after their match on Sunday… But one player in particular seemed to be in full speed!

The men of Shrewsbury came in with strength and stamina, however it was Drogba who bagged the first goal of the game for the visitors, Chelsea. Shrewbury’s fighting spirit did not rest and Mangan equalised for the club in the 77th minute. The lowest ranked club in the competition acting like mighty men! Well, well, well. Nevertheless, the tables turned once again as Grandison scored an own goal in the 81st minute to injure Shrewsbury’s chances of moving on in the competion. Aww…well, they tried.

Mourinho’s reputation has been secured as Chelsea move on to the next stage. Perhaps, after a game like this, they’ll not underestimate the determination of smaller clubs.