New Newcastle


Newcastle faced Tottenham in game with an expected result. However, it seemed as if all predictions were turned upside down after the game at White Hart Lane.

Adebayor gave Spurs the lead in the 18th minute. This was expected with Newcastle’s track record, but the results of the second half were not. Ameobi equalised for Newcastle in the 46th minute. That definitely set the tone for the second half as Pérez Gutiérrez even went on to double it in the 58th.

Tottenham have always dreamed of finishing above Arsenal. However if they can’t defeat Newcastle then Gunner Glory may dawn upon them. Newcastle, on the other hand, seem to have turned a new leaf. With winter on its way let’s hope they don’t shed their new gameplay.


Turn Back The Time


It was Water versus Fire at the game at Old Trafford. The result may not have been something to write home about but the match sure was exiting!

It was clear that Jose Mourinho once trained under Van Gaal as the teams displayed similar tactics. Both teams’ possession were roughly similar and so were their fouls, however Mourinho’s side managed to gain a whopping six yellow cards! In the first half both teams were out to win it but neither side managed to get the ball past the goal keeper.

In the second half Manchester United weren’t showing quite the same approach and, as a result, Drogba put in a goal in the 53rd minute. The day the clocks turn back, the Legend also decided to turn back to his old, golden habits! Chelsea appeared powerful but reserved as the Reds looked as if they weren’t quite sure what to do with the ball. They left it down to the last minute to score a goal as Van Persie hammered in the equaliser after Ivanovic was shown a red card! What a way to handle time!

Manchester United remain undefeated at home for four league games whilst Chelsea remain the only club unbeaten this season. The Blues are raining down on the Reds as they remain top of the table. Can they prolong their reign? Can the fight that Van Gaal’s team showed today be characterised in other matches?