Liverpool Loathing


Liverpool faced a daunting Real Madrid as they battled to stay in the Champions league. Real Madrid’s talented players saw Liverpool look up to the pace and energy they bought to the game!

Ronaldo opened up the game with mastery in the 23rd minute, providing his team with a new burst of courage and craft! Benzema then doubled their lead with a header in the 30th minute. The thrill did not end there! In the next 11 minutes, gifted Benzema managed to make it three. This all happened in the first half! Liverpool are slipping, fast. It’s time they realised that they all fail/succeed as a team, it’s not down a single individual.

The game at Anfield started with a confident crown with the knowledge of Liverpool’s 4-0 win against Real Madrid in the last 16 in 2009. However, by the end of the game, all they could do was give Ronaldo a warm applause as the Reds failed to deliver the same result. Times have changed. The team has changed. Suarez has proved to be irreplaceable.