Chelsea Challenge Conventions


The Blues dictated the pitch in their game against NK Maribor. It was a game of talent, tumbles and Champions League record raptures!

Remy opened up the scoreline for Chelsea in the 13th minute. He was then taken off the pitch and replaced with Drogba as he gained a concerning injury. Drogba made sure to follow by Remy’s example by converting a penalty in the 23rd! A wise member finally living up to expectations. This was similarly performed as Terry scored the third goal in the 31st minute. Why did everything happen so fast? Who knew there was still more to come…

As if the game was not already hard to bear for Maribor, Viler had to dig his boots in deeper by scoring an own goal in the 54th minute. Well, more for the blues then. Thank you. Hazard then proved to be hazardous for Maribor as he put in a penalty in the 77th minute and made Chelsea’s result extend to six goals in the 90th. Ca-Ching!

Mourinho’s team have recorded their biggest Champions League victory with a powerful game in the group stages. Can their pioneering qualities stimulate champions from within?