Their Effort, Our Gain


Scoring did not necessarily mean gaining in the match between Liverpool and Queens Park Rangers. QPR showed striking talent, but was it at the right times?

Dunne scored an own goal to give Liverpool the lead in the 67th minute. This gave him a total of 10 own goals and the double figures meant he had broken a Premier League record! Vargas luckily managed to equalise for QPR in the 87th minute. It was all down to the 90th minute when three goals were scored! Coutinho scored for the Reds but this was then cancelled out by the second comeback from QPR’s Vargas. Shamefully, QPR (Caulker) managed to put in another own goal to bag a Liverpool victory!

Wow. QPR really don’t want to budge from bottom of the table. Meanwhile, Liverpool go fifth as they attempt to join the battle for this season’s Premier League Title!