Penalty Paradise


Four penalties were awarded in the match between Manchester City and Tottenham! Half were saved, but that didn’t stop the other goals replacing what had been lost.

Agüero put in the first goal for City in the 13th minute. Eriksen then responded with the only goal for Spurs in the 15th. Five minutes later, Agüero took advantage of a penalty to put his team ahead once again. Tottenham had the opportunity to do the same, however they somehow managed to close the door on the chance. Fazio was later sent off the pitch with a red card and Agüero didn’t fail in converting the penalty into a goal! Another goal was netted in the 75th minute and who else could it have been, but the one an only Sergio Agüero!

Agüero may not have left the game with a hat trick of penalties but he surely went away with a hat trick of glory. Manuel Pellegrini believes Agüero is one of the top three of four players in the world. After a game like that, who wouldn’t?