Happy Anniversary


Arsenal faced Galatasaray in their second match of the Champions League group stages. The stadium was full of wonderful wonders as Welbeck celebrated Wenger!

Arsenal scored their first goal as Welbeck gave them the lead. He then decided he wanted to claim another goal just eight minutes later. Of course for a team red with passion, two goals weren’t enough! Sánchez put in the third for the Gunners in the 41st minute. Can someone honk a horn and shout “hat trick hurrah!” as Welbeck clutches his third delight in the 52nd moment! Four goals. Fabulous. A good game, however it ended with the sending off of the Arsenal goal keeper and a penalty scored by Galatasaray. Oh…what does that matter when they’ve bagged three thunderous points?

What a splendid gift to give to Arsene Wenger for his 18th year with the Gunners. They should celebrate this in every match…doing things the Welbeck way!