Better Luck Next Time


Manchester City have picked up their first point in the group stages after playing against Roma. But sometimes, one is just not enough.

Aguero scored a penalty in the early minutes of the game. He has now scored six goals in his last six home Champions League matches! Boy oh boy does he have skill. Too bad all this euphoria didn’t last long. Totti equalised for Roma in the 23rd minute, making him the oldest European club football scorer! What a day for breaking records. Speaking of which, I never expected a day to come when we’d see Lampard playing against Cole, his former team mate. Perhaps they didn’t want to torture each other with a win. How sweet.

Manchester City have picked up one point from a possible six. They are five points below Bayern Munich who is topping Group E at the moment. What is it that’s not allowing them to to receive the points they need? Will it be only up from here, or is there still a further downfall to come?