Rooney: For Better And For Worse

Manchester United just about managed to beat West Ham after suffering a fatal sending off. Ferguson has left. There are no more v.i.p ref passes.


Rooney gave Man United the lead within five minutes! Van Persie then doubled it in the 22nd. Wow, they both scored. Finaly, some co-operation.  That was the first part of the game. The good part.


Now for the bad. Sakho managed to get one back for West Ham in the 37th minute. Even though this was not enough to lessen some of the points Man U gained, Van Gaal’s team suffered a different kind of misery. The captain, Wayne Rooney,  gave an aggressive kick which forced him off the pitch with a red card. Man down! Man down!

Manchester United have won at last. But with a vital player out for three games, can they remain consistent?