Bellowing Blues


Chelsea played against Bolton for the third round of the Capital One Cup. Maybe it was the home ground, it could have even been the fans, but all I know is that the Blues threw a whole lot into the game at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea had a whopping 28 shots at goal compared to Bolton’s petite three! The first attempt that was transferred into a goal was by Zouma’s doing. He opened up the scoreline in the 25th minute. Bolton’s first attempt resulted in a goal as Mills put them level in the 31st minute! Well with Mourinho not playing his top players, you can’t expect much. Anyways, you don’t need to worry about that because Oscar opened up the door to the next round in the 55th minute of the match. Go on son!

The Blues are through and are pushing towards a cup. Will they succeed in their hunt for silverware?


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