Blue Burdens


The Champions played against the Legendary in their 5th game of the season. Passion was shown from both teams, but neither of them went home with a purr.

Before a goal was scored, Zabaleta was sent off in the second half of the match. This meant that he had been shown a red card six times out of his seven seasons at Manchester City! The loss of a player resulted in a gain of a goal as Schurrle opened up the scoreline in the 71st minute. The Blues were ahead, however the  traditional Drogba still could not net a single point for his club. Not to worry, the ancient Blue did it for him… wait, but why was his shirt lighter in colour and wasn’t he going the wrong way? Frank Lampard, Chelsea’s former player, equalised for his new club. Although the Chelsea fans applauded his introduction and goal, Lampard, as the noble man he is, did not rejoice. Thank you.

Both Blues walked away with a blue feeling inside. Well with any luck, they’ll return as smurfs- fighting with a sparkly blue spirit!


Torment gnaws Gaal


Manchester United played against Leicester City in a brutal Premier League match! Last week, it appeared that Man United had turned over a new leaf. Looks like we spoke too soon.

Van Persie headed in a goal in the 13tth minute of the match. This was then followed by Angel Di Maria’s heavenly goal in the 16th. Leicester, however, refused to be shaken by their early downfall and instead Ulloa retaliated for the club only a minute later! Herrera then gave the reds another goal in the 57th minute. Nevertheless, Leicester kept on battling… and it worked. Nugent slotted in a penalty in the 62nd minute to provide Leicester with a healthy lifeline. Cambiasso then scored two minutes later to put them level. If United’s cross was already too heavy to bear, then I’m sure they weren’t too pleased when Vardy added extra weight in the 79th minute! 4-3. That would have done it. Well, it is always beneficial to try and go the extra mile. Ulloa made sure they did so, as a fustrated United conceded a fatal penalty in the last minutes of the game! Mama Mia.

Van Gaal spent a whole lot of money. But it looks like no amount of money can rescue Manchester United from the hole they have found themselves in.