Gunner Gloom


Arsenal have found themselves in group D and after today, they have also found themselves in a tricky situation…

Arsenal versed Borussia Dortmund for their first game of the Champions League group stages. Dortmund dominated with a whopping 23 shots at goal with 7 of them being on target; Arsenal only managed 5 with a lowly one on target. The greatness of the home team was even reflected in the scoreline.

Immobile put in the first goal for Dortmund in the 45th minute of the game. Before the Gunners could even process what was going on, Aubameyang doubled the score! Well isn’t that an eye opener!

The Reds have played one game, but gave gained no points. They have played away from home, but have scored no goals? Can the Gunners regain strength and become part of the fight again?