Tales Of The Transfer Deadline


The transfer deadline was at 11pm BST on the 1st of September 2014! The rush of anxiety rang through the hours as the clock was counting down to the deadline. Some thrived; others tumbled. Read now, a deadline story.

With Olivier Giroud ruled out for three months with an injury, Arsene Wenger was desperate to fill in the gap. Welbeck was confirmed a Gunner at 1am BST in what seemed to be a very controversial signing. However, the England international proved the glory that he could potentially bring to Arsenal by scoring the 2 goals that won England their game against Switzerland!

Well, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The Manchester United fans were not to pleased by the release of Welbeck: it’s not such a good idea to give away valuable antiques when no silver is being brought home. However, all is not lost, as Manchester United managed to sign a so-called big name, Falcao, even after the business busting Di Maria! 

The red teams have arrived with all guns blazing!! Let’s see if their new signings can set their teams alight!

Premier League resumes on Saturday, which means you’ll get to see which teams dance in their delight or drown with the cash!