Better Luck Next Time


Manchester City have picked up their first point in the group stages after playing against Roma. But sometimes, one is just not enough.

Aguero scored a penalty in the early minutes of the game. He has now scored six goals in his last six home Champions League matches! Boy oh boy does he have skill. Too bad all this euphoria didn’t last long. Totti equalised for Roma in the 23rd minute, making him the oldest European club football scorer! What a day for breaking records. Speaking of which, I never expected a day to come when we’d see Lampard playing against Cole, his former team mate. Perhaps they didn’t want to torture each other with a win. How sweet.

Manchester City have picked up one point from a possible six. They are five points below Bayern Munich who is topping Group E at the moment. What is it that’s not allowing them to to receive the points they need? Will it be only up from here, or is there still a further downfall to come?



Chelsea faced Sporting Lisbon for their second game of Champions League group stages. Both teams were in it to win it, except only one was able to take that crucial extra step…

The Blues claimed 15 shots at goal; Sporting did the same. However, there is a difference between the two, for Chelsea manged to scramble their way to the top of the table. It only took one simplistic goal from Matic in the 34th minute to claim the desirable points! Frankly, the game could have gone either way. It was the game changer.

Mourinho’s men have topped Group G with four points. Can they grill the boots of their opponents and grab the trophy that they once lifted?

Fair Share


Arsenal versed Tottenham in a delicate derby match. First came the rain, then came the rainbow.

Arsenal had to bear the anguish of injury that Ramsey and Arteta both faced in the first half of the game! This may have disturbed them a little as Chadli gave Spurs the lead, at the Emirates, in the 56th minute. Despite getting off to a rough start, Arsenal showed resilliance. Oxlade-Chamberlain equalised for the Gunners in the 74th minute. Phew!

Both teams go home tonight with a point in their gym bag. But let’s remember, the title isn’t for sharing. Something, or someone, has to give.

Rooney: For Better And For Worse

Manchester United just about managed to beat West Ham after suffering a fatal sending off. Ferguson has left. There are no more v.i.p ref passes.


Rooney gave Man United the lead within five minutes! Van Persie then doubled it in the 22nd. Wow, they both scored. Finaly, some co-operation.  That was the first part of the game. The good part.


Now for the bad. Sakho managed to get one back for West Ham in the 37th minute. Even though this was not enough to lessen some of the points Man U gained, Van Gaal’s team suffered a different kind of misery. The captain, Wayne Rooney,  gave an aggressive kick which forced him off the pitch with a red card. Man down! Man down!

Manchester United have won at last. But with a vital player out for three games, can they remain consistent?

Marvellous Manchester


Manchester City dominated at their game against Hull City! Their power prevailed as the Tigers tumbled.

Aguero opened up the scoreline in the 7th minute. Dzeko then extended City’s lead four minutes later! Don’t get too cheery yet because Mangala managed to put in an own goal for Hull City. But he didn’t stop there! He then conceded a penalty which put them level. One man did all that. Wonders shall never end.

After that calamity, things began to look up again. Dzeko put in another goal in the 68th minute. This was then followed by Lampard’s in the 87th.

The champions have conquered one challenge. Only 32 left to go.


Blazing Blues

Chelsea's Oscar celebrates scoring against Aston Villa in the Premier League match

Chelsea were merciless at their game against Aston Villa. It looks as if  Mourinho has ownership of many brilliant boys.

It only took Oscar 7 minutes before putting the Blues ahead. Diego Costa then added his name to the scoring list as he headed in his eighth goal for the club in the 59th minute! What a miracle man. Or a Mourinho man shall I say. Three is a lucky number and Willian made sure magic was sprinkled all over the Blues in the 79th moment. Goodness gracious!

Chelsea have refused to lose a match this season and remain the only unbeaten team in all competitions.                                                             They’ve got their mind in focus                                                                                   and their body in motion.                                                                                         Welcome my friends                                                                                                   to the soon to be Champions.

Toffee Turnover


Liverpool faced Everton today in their race for the title. All was going well. All was about to end well…Well, that was until the last minute of the game.

It has been 15 years since the Toffees last won at Anfield. Today’s match did not put an end to the record. However, it did show improvements from the blue side. Gerrard put in a phenomenal free kick to put the Reds ahead! Liverpool were ahead throughout the entire match. It was the last minute inconvenience that gave Liverpool the disorder. Bummer. Jagielka scored the alarming equaliser that put the Toffees level! Haha!

Is it just me or are there so many games this season ending with a goal in the last minute? There must be something in the air. Let’s not worry for now. We wish Liverpool a speedy recovery.

P.S. Get well soon.


City Celebration


Manchester City crushed Sheffield Wednesday into smithereens as they took the chance to move on to the next stage. The Capital One Cup may not be the most prestigious trophy out there, but I don’t think anyone expected it to be a walk in the park.

Lampard opened up the scoreline in the 47th minute. Dzeko then followed by example in the 53rd. Two goals are adequate, but not for them! Jesus Navas put in a goal just a minute later and after a foul on Lampard, Yaya Toure made it four. From then on, Sheffield Wednesday was playing with ten men, this certainly did not do them any favours. Dzeko put in his second goal of the night in the 77th minute and Lampard couldn’t help but do the same after Pozo netted his debut goal in the 88th. How ruthless! What a breath-taker!

Manchester City are the cup holders and have shown this by scoring an astonishing seven goals in just the second half! Finally, they’ve bagged a win after four weeks of waiting. Let’s just hope that this accomplishment has given them the attitude they’ll need to show in their other, more important, games.

Bellowing Blues


Chelsea played against Bolton for the third round of the Capital One Cup. Maybe it was the home ground, it could have even been the fans, but all I know is that the Blues threw a whole lot into the game at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea had a whopping 28 shots at goal compared to Bolton’s petite three! The first attempt that was transferred into a goal was by Zouma’s doing. He opened up the scoreline in the 25th minute. Bolton’s first attempt resulted in a goal as Mills put them level in the 31st minute! Well with Mourinho not playing his top players, you can’t expect much. Anyways, you don’t need to worry about that because Oscar opened up the door to the next round in the 55th minute of the match. Go on son!

The Blues are through and are pushing towards a cup. Will they succeed in their hunt for silverware?

Laborious Liverpool Lavish Lifeline


It was a duel to the death as Liverpool took on a a persistent Middlesbrough! A top Premier League club could surely beat an infantile Championship team with ease. Right?

In the 10th minute, Rossiter put in a goal to give Liverpool the lead. This was then responded to by Reach in the 62nd. The balance in goals meant the game went into added time. In the 109th minute, Fernández Saez made a break through that should have put the Reds through to the next stage. To their disappointment, Kolo Toure made it even more challenging as he conceded a penalty for the club in the last minute of extra time!

If that was a lot to take in, then get this. The longest penalty shoot out in Capital One history unravelled itself in full glory in front of a roaring crowd! The reds had to fire 14 winning goals at the net before achieving acceptance into the next round! An outrageous 30 penalties we’re taken before Albert Adomah missed for Middlesbrough, 3 of which were missed. What a rush! Unbelievable!

That game created history. They both deserved to go through. However, that’s what football is all about; the thrill, the fire, the fight!