Blue Brilliance


Chelsea faced Burnley in their first match this season. Mourinho seemed to have hidden away during the break, so it was time for him to make a statement!

Suprise, suprise! Burnley was the team to produce the first goal in the 14th minute of the game. It may have been a joyful moment for the team new to the league, however they were not allowed to enjoy it for long. Diego Costa scored for Chelsea on his debut in the 17th minute. It looks like Mourinho’s signing is already making a rewarding difference to the team and the results. Schürrle only waited another 4 minutes before adding a goal for the Blues. Chelsea were pleased, but Ivanovic couldn’t resist extending the lead in the 34th minute.

Chelsea have topped the table after their opening match win. For now, Mourinho’s men are marching on…