Liverpool were given a run for their money after Southampton shredded them with a monstrous 77% possession by the end of second half! Southampton filled the pitch with dominance….it’s a shame they couldn’t take home any points to prove it.

Sterling booted in the first goal for Liverpool in the 23rd minute of the game. They remained in the lead during the first half, but by the second half Southampton decided enough was enough! Clyne put an end to his team’s misery in the 56th minute. This bewildered Liverpool and boosted the energy that Southampton was giving to the game. It’s a pity Southampton couldn’t channel the energy into the net; Sturridge was able to put in a goal for Liverpool in the 79th minute with the limited possession his team had.

It appears that Liverpool are still suffering from the loss of Suarez. It’s a good thing they managed to win (despite the struggle) because there will be greater matches with greater teams. If they can’t find a doctor, then an apple a day….