The Wait Is Over

20140517-082615 pm.jpg

Arsenal faced Hull at Wembley for the FA Cup final! It was a hellish start, but the Gunners managed to find a win in the end…

Hull bagged two goals by the 8th minute of the game. They were put in by Chester and Davies. However, Cazorla couldn’t let them run away with it, so he put in a goal in the 17th minute for Arsenal. It was not until the 71st minute when Koscielny produced a goal to put Arsenal level. This enabled extra time in which the magic happened. Ramsey, the man of the match, scored the winning goal to let the light shine on the reds!

Whilst Arsenal have been digging for gold for the last 9 years, many things have taken place…
– Over 1billion babies have been born
– Manchester City have spent around £1bn pounds on players
– Barack Obama has become the first black president of America.
– There has been 11 different predicted apocalyptic events.
– smartphones have become widely available
– Twitter was launched and apple released the iPhone and the iPad
– many, many more events have taken place

But anyway, they’ve won it now and the horrendous records have been broken. The reds are relishing their silver wear in 9 years worth of celebration.

Today really has been Gunner Glory!