Liverpool Languish

20140505-111714 pm.jpg

Liverpool played against Crystal Palace to go top of the table. However, the outcome was somewhat of a nightmare for them…

Liverpool drew 3-3 with Crystal Palace gaining 1 point to achieve a total of 81. The first goal came from Allen in the 18th minute of the game. Then Sturridge scored in the 53rd minute followed by another from Suarez just two minutes later. The heavens appeared to open up for them and all they wanted was more…

It was in the 79th minute when the devil knocked at Liverpool’s door. Delaney scored and within 9 minutes two more had been put in by Gayle and Liverpool had opened the door for the fiend! Their hopes, dreams and aspirations were scorched and set ablaze! Liverpool needed a win, and now, they need Manchester City to lose and keep the doors open for them.

Liverpool have left the back door open for Chelsea to continue the race. Has Liverpool got the charisma to lead themselves to the cup?