Tatty Top Spot; Tied Top 4

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Everton and Manchester City played ball to rattle the races at the top of the table! The race for 1st place was twisted, and the race for 4th place was put to bed…

Manchester City just about managed to defeat Everton and got a result of 3-2. Barkley was first to score and put Everton 1 goal up in the 11th minute. However 11 minutes later Agüero put in a goal to refuse the offer to lose. Dzeko then scored twice for Man City which was followed by only one more from Everton.

Everton are now unable to reach 4th place which means Arsenal have once again qualified for Champions League. Everton may not be in top 4 but finishing 5th and being in Europa is enough reason for them to open up the bubbly!
In addition, Manchester City have hit the top of the table. Now all that’s left is for them to sustain it. Will they reclaim what was once theirs?


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