The Wait Is Over

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Arsenal faced Hull at Wembley for the FA Cup final! It was a hellish start, but the Gunners managed to find a win in the end…

Hull bagged two goals by the 8th minute of the game. They were put in by Chester and Davies. However, Cazorla couldn’t let them run away with it, so he put in a goal in the 17th minute for Arsenal. It was not until the 71st minute when Koscielny produced a goal to put Arsenal level. This enabled extra time in which the magic happened. Ramsey, the man of the match, scored the winning goal to let the light shine on the reds!

Whilst Arsenal have been digging for gold for the last 9 years, many things have taken place…
– Over 1billion babies have been born
– Manchester City have spent around £1bn pounds on players
– Barack Obama has become the first black president of America.
– There has been 11 different predicted apocalyptic events.
– smartphones have become widely available
– Twitter was launched and apple released the iPhone and the iPad
– many, many more events have taken place

But anyway, they’ve won it now and the horrendous records have been broken. The reds are relishing their silver wear in 9 years worth of celebration.

Today really has been Gunner Glory!


City Are Champions

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Nasri and Kompany scored the goals that declared Manchester City Premier League Champions! Pellegrini has made a massive and memorable mark on his first season with Manchester City. The trophy lights the stadium as the fans arise. They celebrate, they rejoice and they roar as they claim the trophy that they truly deserve.

Liverpool seem to have accepted their fate and are looking towards next season. They managed to come from behind to win Newcastle 2-1. 84 points is what they’ve gained throughout the season to finish in 2nd place. It wasn’t enough to hit the top but at least they’ll be recognised for their brilliant play and amazing achievements!

Next season will be a new season for tumbles and triumphs. Who wins; we’re yet to know…

On The Edge Of Glory

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Manchester City won against Aston Villa to dispose of Chelsea’s title hopes! As Liverpool only managed to gain one point from their game against Crystal Palace, Manchester City appear to have one hand on the cup…

Dzeko scored the first 2 goals to start off Man City’s marvellous night. He scored in the 64th and 72nd minute which was later followed by a goal from Jovetic in the 89th. If you thought that was a late goal, well it was not as late as Yaya Touré’s goal in the 90th minute. Manchester City have now claimed the record of being the first club in the Premier League to score 100 goals in one season; this was what Liverpool was aiming to achieve in their previous game (I guess that’s more to add to their misery)!

Manchester City are soaring and only need a draw in their final game to win the title.

One game. One cup. 90 minutes.

Liverpool Languish

20140505-111714 pm.jpg

Liverpool played against Crystal Palace to go top of the table. However, the outcome was somewhat of a nightmare for them…

Liverpool drew 3-3 with Crystal Palace gaining 1 point to achieve a total of 81. The first goal came from Allen in the 18th minute of the game. Then Sturridge scored in the 53rd minute followed by another from Suarez just two minutes later. The heavens appeared to open up for them and all they wanted was more…

It was in the 79th minute when the devil knocked at Liverpool’s door. Delaney scored and within 9 minutes two more had been put in by Gayle and Liverpool had opened the door for the fiend! Their hopes, dreams and aspirations were scorched and set ablaze! Liverpool needed a win, and now, they need Manchester City to lose and keep the doors open for them.

Liverpool have left the back door open for Chelsea to continue the race. Has Liverpool got the charisma to lead themselves to the cup?

Chelsea’s Title Hopes Crumble

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Arsenal may be relaxed but it’s not the same for Chelsea. Giroud scored for Arsenal in the 14th minute of the game. After that, his team sat back for the rest of the 90 minutes; they had nothing to lose as they had already secured 4th place. Glory may have struck for the Gunners but grey clouds are groaning in Stamford Bridge…

Chelsea drew with Norwich in a game that they both needed to win. Neither goals nor penalties were gained in the match and both teams went home with belittled beliefs.
Chelsea could have gone top today but instead they may have just knocked themselves out of the title race.

Man City are topping. Has Mourinho’s magic touch perished?

Tatty Top Spot; Tied Top 4

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Everton and Manchester City played ball to rattle the races at the top of the table! The race for 1st place was twisted, and the race for 4th place was put to bed…

Manchester City just about managed to defeat Everton and got a result of 3-2. Barkley was first to score and put Everton 1 goal up in the 11th minute. However 11 minutes later Agüero put in a goal to refuse the offer to lose. Dzeko then scored twice for Man City which was followed by only one more from Everton.

Everton are now unable to reach 4th place which means Arsenal have once again qualified for Champions League. Everton may not be in top 4 but finishing 5th and being in Europa is enough reason for them to open up the bubbly!
In addition, Manchester City have hit the top of the table. Now all that’s left is for them to sustain it. Will they reclaim what was once theirs?

It’s Out With The Old And In With The…Old?

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Manchester United faced Sunderland at Old Trafford today. The new man in charge, Giggs, did not seem to be able to handle the mountain of pressure on his shoulders…

Sunderland gave sorrow to Manchester United with a 1-0 defeat. Larsson put in the winning goal for his team in the 30th minute of the game. It was Sunderland’s first win at Old Trafford since 1968! Blimey!

Sunderland, as well as scoring, had the opportunity to even gain more goals as they also hit the bar twice. Man United had 63% possession, but it’s about what you do with it that counts. The stats may have suggested that Manchester United were the better team, however they didn’t take home any points to prove it.

New manager; same old results.