Glorified Giggs Guides Manchester United

20140426-083914 pm.jpg

Since Moyes was shown the door to unemployment, Giggs has been incharge of Manchester United. Today was his day to make a first impression to the Man United fans. It seems that he’s managed to make a pretty glorious impression…
Manchester United hammered Norwich with a 4-0 victory! Their first goal was from a penalty towards the end of the first half. It was scored by Rooney and he put in another at an early stage of the second half. Mata then went on to score the rest of the goals in the 63rd and 73rd minute.
Has the departure of Moyes brang back the ancient glimmer of Manchester United?

In other news, Everton failed to gain points from their match against Southampton. So it looks like Arsenal have some breathing space and if they lose tomorrow not too much damage will be created. Until tomorrow…Goodnight.