Man City Close In

20140421-114936 pm.jpg

Manchester City defeated West Brom 3-1 to close in on Chelsea and refurbish the title race that’s believed to be settled.
Zabaleta scored for Man City at an early stage, within just 3 minutes! This must have disfigured West Brom as Agüero went on to score just 7 minutes later.
However, West Brom weren’t just going to take it lying down, Dorrans scored for them in the 16th minute to put hope back into his team. Man City put in another goal before it even reached half time to finalise their win. They are now only one point behind Chelsea with a game in hand.
Perhaps Manchester City might actually have a bigger chance of lifting the cup than we thought..

In other news, Manchester United might not wake up to another day with Moyes in charge. We may know if he gets the sack as early as tomorrow morning. Moyes..the chosen one? More like the undesired one.