Reds Rebel

20140420-110735 pm.jpg

Liverpool faced Norwich today to push themselves even closer to the Premier League title. Even though Norwich put up a good fight, they were unlucky to face a 3-2 loss. Sterling scored 2 of Liverpool’s goals with the first one being in the 4th minute of the match!
Liverpool have now reached 80 points on the table and are 5 points ahead of Chelsea.
Defeating Chelsea next week will be their final confirmation that embeds the trophy right into the palms of the red revolutionists!

Liverpool aren’t the only team in red that could be celebrating a trophy soon…Arsenal will be facing Hull for the FA Cup final; it’s a good thing that they’ve already preinstalled fear in their souls. Hull took a devastating 3-0 downthrow from the one and only Gunners! Ramsey scored the first goal in the 31st minute of the game. This was then followed by 2 more from Podolski to give Hull the final caution to keep away from their FA Cup exhilaration.

Red might have ruled today, but one club just couldn’t keep away from fire. Manchester United faced a 2-0 abashment from Moyes’ former club, Everton. This game has placed Man United far off from their Europa hopes (not to talk about Champions League); it’s, however, put Everton closer to a chance of a Champions League spot.

Will the Reds rise and add the flames needed to set the Premier League alight?