Broken Record. Broken Dream.

Chelsea: a team battling for the Premier League Title. Sunderland: a team battling to stay in the Premier League. Who’s closest to winning their battle? Surprisingly, Sunderland is the team taking on their destiny without fear of destruction!
Sunderland defeated Chelsea 2-1, with their last goal resulting from a penalty (which wasn’t digested well by Rui Faria, Chelsea’s assistant coach). Sunderland drew against Man City mid week ( just missing out on the win). It looks like they’ve now recoverd their loss of points through Chelsea.
Why is it that the small teams always chose to play their best against the best teams? If they had that attitude throughout the season, they would have been in a more favourable position.

After the match, Mourinho was only saying “congratulations” and communicated his refusal to answer anymore questions by walking out during the interview. Mourinho also congratulated the referee as his record of not ever losing as Stamford Bridge has been shattered!

Chelsea have left the doors to the cup wide open for Liverpool. It’s now up to Liverpool whether they chose to go through…