Hammered Hopes

20140416-114155 pm.jpg

Shocking twists took place in tonight’s Premier League matches; twists that may change the fate of the Premier League as we know it…
Manchester City faced lowly Sunderland to catch up with the title superiors. Unfortunately, they only managed to scrape a draw; this wasted their beloved game-in-hand. The scoreline was 2-2 and the points gained were 1-1. Man City only have one game-in-hand left! For now, it appears as if Man City have slipped up whilst running on the track… A light bulb is dimming on their lane in the race for the cup.

Meanwhile, it looks like Arsenal have been given a golden opportunity in the race for 4th place! Everton failed to defeat Crystal Palace and Everton failed to be resistant to the pressure. Everton have now opened the door for Arsenal’s success, and they now have to wait in hope that Arsenal will lose one of their games to pave the way for them. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for some; Crystal Palace have now gained the all-important 40 points to say toddle-oo to their relegation nightmare.

Man City out? Arsenal in? The Rumble in the Races has initiated.