Eyes On The Prize

20140415-103226 pm.jpg

Arsenal faced West Ham in a match that gave a horoscope into how the race for 4th place might end. It seems that the revelation is that a debate won’t decide who gets the Champions League place; it will be a fight in which neither opponents will be willing to surrender.
Arsenal defeated West Ham 3-1 to overtake Everton and reclaim 4th place. The pressure on Arsenal’s shoulders were quite visible as West Ham was first to score: Jarvis scored for them on the 40th minute of the match. However, it suddenly became transparent as Podolski scored for Arsenal just 4 minutes later. This was then followed by a goal from Giroud and then another from Podolski to put the icing on the cake.
The race for first place ended a long time ago for Arsenal and is now merely a distant memory. Although, the race for a Champions League place has only just begun. it’s up to Arsenal to continue their record and salvage their pride.
Will they do it? Well, let’s see what Everton have to say about it.