Super Sunday Supremacy

20140413-095650 pm.jpg

Liverpool and Manchester City versed each other in a game which had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it! The game was an ample decider on how the Premier League might finish this year.
Liverpool started the game with an outbreak of power and energy; they scored 2 goals within the first 38 minutes of the game. They were starting to “unleash” their power like Brendan Rodgers had claimed.
Although, by the second half, it looked as if the tables had turned as Man City began to put spices into the pot of success brewing! Silva scored for Man City in the 57th minute, followed by another from Johnson in the 62nd. It looked as if it was going to be Chelsea’s lucky day until Liverpool scored a goal that put them 5 points ahead of them in the League table.
Today was the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, so the game started 7 minutes later than usual. Liverpool’s win marked the occasion well and they got to show their fans that pressure is easy to wipe of their shoe.

Chelsea had to win today to close the gap after Liverpool’s victory at Anfield. They did just that with one goal being enough for them to take down 10 Man Swansea. Ba scored it in the 68th minute: why was the wait so prolonged? Anyway, Chelsea dominated with 26 attempts, although only 3 were on target.
Liverpool are winning with goals; Chelsea are winning with clean sheets. Which method is the best? Time will soon let us know.