Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

20140407-114422 am.jpg

Arsenal’s Champions League position is under attack. They faced a 3-0 defeat from Everton, who is now only 1 point behind them with a game in hand. Naismith and Lukaku both scored in the first half, followed by an own goal in the second half by Arteta. This was another terrible defeat for Arsenal after a 5-1 loss to Liverpool! Arsenal seem to be out of the race for the Premier League cup, but they’ve joined a new race: the race for 4th place.
Liverpool, on the other hand, have taken the wheel on the drive to 1st place. Liverpool beat West Ham 2-1 yesterday with both of their goals resulting from a penalty. At an earlier stage in the Premier League, it looked as if Liverpool were out of the title race. However, that has changed, as they now sit in top spot!
Where everyone ends up…still remains a mystery…