Red In The Pit Of The Blues

Arsenal faced Swansea at home today and the fire of the reds didn’t seem to blaze. Bony scored for Swansea in the 11th minute and it wasn’t until the 73rd minute that Arsenal was able to equalise. Although, in the next minute Arsenal fired in another one. It was too bad that Swansea were not phased by this as they went on to equalise with a goal in the 90th minute! A question many will be asking themselves tonight: Is Arsenal still racing for the title? What position do they seem to be finishing in now?
However, Man United faced a fate that was much worse than what came to Arsenal. Man City tucked them in with a 3-0 lullaby and said goodnight to Manchester United’s Premier League aspirations! Manchester City have clearly shown that they’re the better Manchester club and are looking fit to win the title.

Will it be a blue team that puts out the fire in the reds to cash-in the Premier League?