Stranger Danger

Everton bagged a win against Fulham. They won 3-1 to take them to 60 points on the table. Now Arsenal are facing trouble from behind: Everton are only 4 points behind them with a game in hand! Arsenal are now going to have to run away from someone they never thought they’d be chased by.
Also, Liverpool took home a 4-0 victory to reserve a space for themselves at the top of the table! They took the opportunity that the other top 4 teams left for them.
The top teams are falling, someone needs to put their arms out to catch them.


Staying Put

20140329-105201 pm.jpg

A game that could have changed the fate of the Premier League took place earlier on today. Arsenal played Man City in a game that ended level with both teams gaining one goal and one point. If Man City had won, they would have gone on top, grabbing the open opportunity that Chelsea had left for them. Arsenal could have smashed their way right into the thick of the title race, but it now looks like those intentions have fizzled…
Everyone seems to be pulling out the red carpet for Liverpool to take their walk of fame to the top of the table. But will they take the opportunity that has been laid out for them?

Terry’s Terrible Tricks

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Chelsea versed Crystal Palace today and it was a game that they should have won with ease. Instead, Terry decided to do them a favour by putting in an own goal. Chelsea dominated with 67% possession but didn’t manage to get a result from it. You would have thought that they would have been booming after their outrageous victory over Arsenal.
Chelsea appear to be tumbling: Man United beat Aston Villa 4-1 today and that was a team that Chelsea failed to beat!
Does Mourinho really want the title or he subtly trying to hand it over?

Red In The Pit Of The Blues

Arsenal faced Swansea at home today and the fire of the reds didn’t seem to blaze. Bony scored for Swansea in the 11th minute and it wasn’t until the 73rd minute that Arsenal was able to equalise. Although, in the next minute Arsenal fired in another one. It was too bad that Swansea were not phased by this as they went on to equalise with a goal in the 90th minute! A question many will be asking themselves tonight: Is Arsenal still racing for the title? What position do they seem to be finishing in now?
However, Man United faced a fate that was much worse than what came to Arsenal. Man City tucked them in with a 3-0 lullaby and said goodnight to Manchester United’s Premier League aspirations! Manchester City have clearly shown that they’re the better Manchester club and are looking fit to win the title.

Will it be a blue team that puts out the fire in the reds to cash-in the Premier League?



Big Boots Create Big Scores

At one point in the match between Liverpool and Cardiff it looked like they were going to draw 2-2, although that was later turned around with Liverpool claiming a 6-3 victory! Suarez scored a hat trick in what was a crucial game that has now put Liverpool in the thick of the title race- chasing Chelsea- at second place.
Man City also managed to score big with a tremendous 5-0 victory over Fulham. Yaya Toure also scored a hat trick but with 2 of them being penalties. This landed them pushing towards top spot whilst still holding a few vital games in hand. Arsenal were the only team in the top four that faced a defeat (not to talk about a heavy one)!
Manchester United have finally grab a win by beating West Ham 2-0. However they are still out of reach of even a Europa spot. It’s a mistery who will come out top in the end.

Arsenal Ambushed

Chelsea demolished Arsenal with a 6-0 defeat over them!
Today it was Arsene Wenger’s 1000th game with the club and it will be one that he won’t manage to forget in a hurry. Chelsea celebrated it by crushing the spirits of the club from the early moments of the game. Eto’o scored the first goal in the 5th minute of the game; this was followed by a second in the 7th minute by Schurrle. As if the nightmare wasn’t already bad enough for Wenger, the referee pulled out a red card- for the wrong player! Chamberlain was the one that was meant to be sent off, but instead it was Gibbs that claimed the punishment. As a result, Hazard then put in the penalty that ruled out Arsenal’s chances of winning the game. Oscar was able to put in a goal before half time and Chelsea went on to win the match 6-0.
Previously, Arsenal had been ripped in half at the Etihad with a 6-3 defeat and smothered by Liverpool 5-1!
Are the biggest boots of the premier league too boisterous for Arsenal to race against?

Man United Make It

20140319-104700 pm.jpg

Man United beat Olympiakos 3-0 with a hat trick from Van Persie! It was the second leg of their battle with Olympiakos, and they managed to break a record by coming back from 2-0 down (from the first leg). Man United have been known for breaking many records this year, but they weren’t positive ones until today. Moyes had allegedly been given 3 matches to prove himself and today one box has been ticked to keep him a Man United manager! He was interviewed with a smile on his face for the first time. Is this a new leaf for Man United?

Chelsea: Only English Team To Make It To The Next Stage Of The Champions League (atleast until Man United play)

Chelsea beat Galatasaray 2-0 to continue to their on- going streak of not losing at home. These 2 goals also added to make it 3-1 on aggregate. Eto’o scored the first goal followed by Cahill’s second. This all took place in the first half and throughout the game Chelsea dominated. Looks like Chelsea gave Drogba- their old team mate- a slice of what he had been missing.
Chelsea are in the race for both the Champions and Premier League cup, but with Arsenal and Man City being able to focus on only one, will Chelsea have to decide which trophy they truly desire to raise?

Arsenal Put Their Victory Under Lock and Key

20140316-060332 pm.jpg

Rosicky scored a goal in the second minute of the game to put Arsenal above Tottenham at a very early stage of the game! Throughout the first half, Arsenal could have buried Tottenham in the dirt. However, by second half, it was a different story. Tottenham dominated with 66% possession and held a massive threat to Arsenal. Arsenal’s defence was one of the best that many had ever seen as they put up a defensive line and protected their baby goal very well. The Arsenal of the past wouldn’t have pulled off the same tricks they did today. It was the third time this season that Tottenham had lost to their bitter rival. Is this new Arsenal actually gold with a red coating?

Liverpool’s Penalty Shoot Out

Manchester United gave Liverpool a penalty in the first half with a hand ball. Gerrard scored it and the Liverpool captain was even allowed to do the same again in the second half. At one point in the game Rooney felt that he should have been awarded a penalty, but the referee turned the other cheek. Man United seemed frustrated most of the time and their goal attempts only managed to fly above the net. Before the game ended, Liverpool scored a goal from their own merit. Manchester United stay away from Europa whilst Liverpool intimidate Arsenal in the title race! Have Man U’s hopes for Champions League fizzled?