Chelsea Meet The Past


Chelsea played the first leg against Galatasaray for the Champions League.
During the week, Jose Mourinho- the chelsea manger- was secretly recorded prattling about the lack of strikers in his team and implied that he sees Eto’o as an older pair of legs than he gives out: “I have Eto’o, but he is 32 years old, maybe 35, who knows”. Mourinho responded by saying “It is a disgrace that someone is taping a private conversation” and that “it was a funny conversation with somebody that doesn’t belong to the football world”. Mourinho’s words was something that probably didn’t boost the spirits of the team.

However, Jose was proven wrong by a goal from Torres in the 9th minuite of the game!Finaly and English club has scored in Champions League this calender year! He was the main striking force for Chelsea in the first half.  There were downsides to the first half, although, as Ramires faced a nose injury and had to continue playing with it until the end of the half. Chelsea also began to stop pressing: Galatasaray gained possession which led them powerfully into the second half.

A goal from Chedjou put them level and was the ending score. Mancini- the old man city manager- had earlier said that Chelsea had an 80% chance of getting through. On his team was former Chelsea player, Drogba. He helped bring out the competitive side to his team; he’s a ghost Chelsea wouldn’t have been please to lose to.

Chelsea may have conceded, but will their precious away goal see them through to the quater finals?