The Title Race Has A New Member

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Liverpool won Swansea 4-3, but it’s wasn’t without a fight.
Sturridge scored in the 3rd minute, which disfigured Swansea’s mentality, and,so, they scored again in the 20th minute ( by Henderson).
Swansea then decided to pull the hat at the bag by scoring in the 23rd and then 27th minute. Liverpool were determined to win and, as a result, another goal by Sturridge was put in before half time.
The second half didn’t start well for Liverpool; it was a different story for Swansea as a penalty (taken by Bony for his second goal) put them level.
Liverpool managed to score a winner (and actually kept it this time) which gave them the 3 points to gain acceptance into the title race.
With Liverpool on 56 points they are now only 1 point below Man City, although, let’s not forget Man City still have a vital game in hand!


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