Top Teams Aren’t Budging

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Arsenal thrashed Sunderland with a 4-1 victory to stay in the competition for the Premier League Title. Giroud scored 2 of the goals and was said to have a “strong character” by Arsene Wenger. Their win today meant that they stay right on the shoulder of Chelsea, as they remain only 1 point behind them.It also fulfilled their intentions to prevent slipping down to 3rd or even 4th place if Liverpool win tomorrow. The only way is up and Man City, holding on, is going up with them.

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Man City won Stoke by 1 goal to nil. Pellegrini recognises it to be a crucial win, with Arsenal and Chelsea both winning their games. He says the keywords are “patience” and “clean sheet”. They can only hope those words are displayed throughout all their matches. It was a long, long 70 minutes they were made to wait before Yaya Toure made a breakthrough! The win placed them 3 points behind Chelsea, but, with a game in hand and bigger goal difference, Man City could be the real team in the top position.

Liverpool’s trailing, could they win tomorrow and keep up with the big boys of the Premier League?


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