Expected Scores; unexpected gameplay

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A day before the match between Man City and Barcelona, Pellegrini announced that “If we only consider this season, there is just one club in Manchester and it is ours,”. He appeared to have great pride and confidence, sorrowfully, this time round, Man City were unable to grow “by winning” and lessened their chances of being rewarded an international trophy. Barcelona defeated Man City 2-0 but the game began very sluggishly as both teams were just trying to defend their own corner rather than going forward. A red card,for Demichelsis, and a penalty, Barcelona knocked off the shell which the two teams had been hiding under. The deal was then sealed by a late goal from Alves.

The next day Arsenal, too, faced the same daunting fate.

20140221-120242 am.jpg Arsenal gained a penalty in the first half which Ozil (carelessly) let into the hands of the keeper. Although, Bayern kindly returned the favour by missing their own penalty after the sending off of the Arsenal goal keeper. Although Bayern Munich did go on to win the game 2-0.
The English clubs seem to have a mirror line between them because both teams seemed to face similar outcomes in their matches.
Is Arsenal destined to replicate the devil’s own luck of last year, or will they find the light of the dark tunnel they’re in?
Can Man City possibly become the third English Club to ever beat Barcelona?