Weekend Games Reap Revenge

This weekend was all about the FA Cup and it seemed that- this time round- the football boot was on the other foot.
Man City and Chelsea had previously played each other for the Premier League and Chelsea won the match 1-0 as they were able to defeat Yaya Toure. Although this time, it was third time lucky, for Man City knocked Chelsea out of the Fa Cup with a 2-0 victory!

20140217-011628 pm.jpg
Mourinho put on a gloomy face but he wasn’t the only one…
Recently facing a 5-1 defeat by Liverpool, Arsenal’s will power helped them regain their pride with a 2-1 defeat to wave Liverpool’s chances of getting a piece of silver wear goodbye.

20140217-012238 pm.jpg

Whilst we’re mentioning Mourinho and Wenger we may aswell have a little gab about their brewing rivalry! Last week, Wenger said that some managers are not saying that they are in the title race because of “fear to fail”. He did not directly address this to Mourinho but it appeared that he didn’t see it that way. Later on that day Mourinho responded labelling Wenger as a “specialist in failure”! This comment of disrespect made Chelsea fans wonder how much time he’d been spending on his lip rather than on football. Wenger announced, after yesterday’s match, that “it is more embarrassing for Chelsea” and that what is “interesting for” him “is what happens on the pitch”.

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Arsene Wenger seems to be the better man. It looks like Jose needs to take a trip to the naughty corner.