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This week Chelsea had the opportunity to open up a 4 point gap in the premier league (for at least a day). Although conceding a late goal meant they only took one point away from their game against West Brom.
Luckily, for them, Arsenal failed to take the opportunity by too failing to defeat Man United in a game with no goals. Should someone be calling the doctor? Who knows if the same fate is yet to come for Manchester City. Their game against Sunderland was postponed and so tension will only keep building until that game takes place. But let’s not look to far into the time machine, for Man City have to prepare for the FA Cup game against Chelsea tomorrow. Chelsea have beaten them both times in the premier League, will it be 3rd times the charm for Man City or hat trick heaven for the Blues?

Moyes, Moyes, Moyes. What does that name bring to mind? Hope? Despair? Man United are not even in Europa and it will be tough to get in it. All the spaces are currently filled with Everton on 45 points at 6 place. A game separates them and Man U and I don’t think they’re ready to give up the spot. Truly, Man United need to finish 5th as Sunderland have secured an FA Cup place by reaching the final of the Carling Cup. Drawing matches won’t get them to where they want to be. The only things they seem to get from this season is being record breakers (and that is not meant in a good way)!

Oh and breaking news: Fulham have fired their manger in response to hitting the bottom of the table!