Chelsea Climb Upon The Loss Of Others

20140208-085611 pm.jpg
Hurrah Hazard, whatever will be will be, and this time it was time for Chelsea to shine! Hazard holds up his finger: representing the position his club would be moving into after the match! All 3 goals came from him and, at the moment, he is proving to be the shining light of the team.
Arsenal faced a devastating loss against Liverpool (1-5). Suarez did not even score in this demolition, yet trouble still came Arsenal’s way, leaving them on 55 points.
Man City, also, failed to win against Norwich(0-0) leaving them at third position on 54 points.
Chelsea take top spot, but only 2 points separate 1st and 3rd position.
Man City fans have now become ‘support as you win’ and Chelsea have become the new favourites to win the Title.