Mourinho’s Mighty Men defeat Man City

Liverpool drew with West Brom, giving Chelsea a bit of breathing space. But with Arsenal beating Crystal Palace 2-0 ( and taking top spot on the Premier League table), Chelsea had to get a win at the Etihad to keep themselves in The Title Race.

20140204-071401 pm.jpg

It seemed that SkySports had the script written for a Man City win, but Chelsea fascinated them with a goal from Ivanovic to win the game. Man City had 25 attempts compared to Chelsea’s 18, but Chelsea had 6 attempts on target which was double that of Man City’s.
Man City was given 65% possession (bit cheeky), but I guess it’s the three points that’s really matter.

Chelsea now are level with Man City with 53 points, whilst Arsenal are cushioned at 1st position with 55.
Man City appeared to be the favourite to win the Premier League; now, Chelsea seem to be slipping into the picture. Jose doesn’t have ambitions to win the title this season, but says they are contenders for next season. Is this his true feelings or is he scared to say that ‘Chelsea have a chance!’?